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Barges for Sale or Rent

In addition to our other services, G&H Marine is also a custom manufacturer of steel work barges. We offer a wide range of standard truckable barges and can custom build sections of barges to meet your specifications. We also use our steel work barges for service work or emergency salvage.

Our barges can be used by our professionally trained experts, or government agencies. To learn more about our barge services and to determine the number of barges that are right for your project, call us today for a free quote!

Do You Need Dredging Services?

Dredging is the removal of material from the bottom of water bodies to maintain or deepen the water level for the allowance of safe passage for boats or ships. If your waterfront property sits within a cove of shallow water, this may affect the use of your watercraft. G&H Marine can help you determine if dredging is the right solution for your property.

Dredging can make the water deeper so your watercraft or dock can safely remain in the water without fear of hitting rocks that can damage your hull or dock system. Pricing for dredging services is based on the cubic yard of material that will need to be removed. Call us today for a free quote!

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