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Boat Docks

G&H Marine Inc. offers a wide variety of boat dock solutions for your waterfront property.  Our experienced team is here to help assess which dock is right for your application.  We pride ourselves on being the only full service marine contractor in the Midwest.  Each option can be installed by our factory trained installers and fabricators, and most docks are available in kit form.  Please fill out our waterfront assessment form to receive a free - no obligation quote.  Let our design team go to work for you!

Determining which dock is right for you…


Permanent docks

Permanent docks are the most maintenance free and durable option available on the market today.  Steel Posts up to 8” are driven to refusal into the lake bed.  A steel structure is then built on top that can support a wide variety of decking including wood, composite and concrete.  These docks are ideal in areas of high ice flow and heavy wind.  Steel docks can be built in water depth up to 16’.

Aluminum docks

Aluminum docks are a maintenance free option that can be used as full time and seasonal docks.  Aluminum frame sections are light weight and attractive.  These docks can be set on steel galvanized posts or turned into floating docks with our encapsulated floatation.  These docks can support a wide variety of decking including cedar, powder coated aluminum and thru flow decking. Stationary aluminum can be used up to a depth of 10’ with a floating option available for deep water applications.

Modular Floating docks

Modular floating docks are a unique option for any kind of lake front situation.  These floating chambers do not require additional floatation underneath.  Modular docks are very quick and easy to install and can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations.  These docks have little to no maintenance and are available with a slip resistant service.

Galvanized docks

Steel truss frame galvanized docks are the most durable floating dock option available.  These docks offer superior performance with fluctuating water levels and high wave action.  A wide variety of decking options are available including wood, composite and concrete panel decking.

Swim platforms

Looking for some extra fun at your waterfront property?  Swim rafts are offered in both standard and custom sizes and are available in a wide variety of decking options.

Dock Kits

G&H Marine Inc. has a wide variety of dock options that can be installed by the property owner or do it yourselfer.  Docks can be picked up at our facility or can be shipped directly to your location.

Used Docks

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