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Aluminum Stationary

Aluminum docks are a versatile option for many different applications.  Aluminum will not rust or rot and will not warp and crack with age.  Aluminum is able to withstand the elements year after year.  The properties of aluminum allow it to be very feasible while retaining shape and strength.  Docks can be mounted on 2” galvanized pipe or placed over encapsulated floatation in deeper water applications.  Sectional Aluminum docks are the lightest weight option on the market today.  They can be moved and reconfigured if needed after the initial installation.  These docks are designed for low maintenance and superior resistance to corrosion.

Decking options are:

Powder Coated Aluminum

The extruded aluminum decking offers superior strength, it is light weight and corrosion resistant.  Incorporates sound deadening material and a baked on beige or white finish for a durable nonskid surface. This baked-on powder coated finish is resistant to scratching, peeling, fading and wear.


A traditional favorite. Solid, durable wood that is naturally weather resistant. 5/4" radius smooth planks provide good footing, wet or dry. Because cedar is virtually pitch and resin free, the wood easily accepts a range of finishes, from fine oils and stains, to solid coatings and paint. When properly finished, Cedar will last for decades even in harsh environments.


A reinforced polypropylene finished decking system designed for easy assembly that requires no maintenance. Its strong, durable lightweight design makes for a perfect finish on our docks.  ThruFlow allows water and debris to fall through your dock surface.

Interlocking Aluminum:  Available on custom designed docks only

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