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Floating Lifts

Floating boat lifts make a great option for your floating dock structure. These docks are ideal for residential and marina applications.   With the flip of a switch, launch or dry-dock your boat in as few as three minutes.  No more transporting.  No more boat ramps.  No more hull cleaning.  Leave your boat for an hour or a year with confidence that it will remain securely dry-docked.

Our most popular model, the UltraLift-2

Polyethylene tanks- designed and manufactured by HydroHoist - are highly resistant to impact or low-water damage.  Flexing when stressed, the tanks then return unharmed to their original shape!  All the steel parts are above the water*- a completely new concept in the boat lifting industry- to defy rust, corrosion and the elements.  They protect your boat for years of convenient and care-free storage.

Standard features    

UL2 Shallow Water

The Shallow Water Lift incorporates a longer polyethylene tank with a lower profile to allow for operation in water depth of at least three feet. Constructed of durable polyethylene, the tanks have an increased wall thickness that is impact and puncture resistant. Similar in design to the UltraLift-2, the Shallow Water Lift has been engineered to keep the galvanized steel components on the top side of the tank, minimizing corrosion and maximizing the life of your lift.

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