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Rip-rap or stone walls are the most cost effective way to protect your shoreline. Riprap works by absorbing and deflecting the energy of waves before they reach the defended structure. The size and mass of the riprap material absorbs the impact energy of waves, while the gaps between the rocks trap and slow the flow of water, lessening its ability to erode soil or structures on the shorelines. The mass of riprap also provides protection against impact damage by ice or debris. Rip rap can be used independently or to help protect an existing seawall.

Rip Rap is the most cost effective option.

Rip Rap is the most eco friendly solution.

Rip Rap is permitted on most bodies of water both public and private.

Rip Rap allows natural vegetation to grow and can create a breakwater to help re-establish natural slope.

Rip Rap allows animals and organisms to pass through with little restriction.

Installation can take place by water or land depending on your property conditions.

rip rap rock installation

Pictured above. Approx 200' of white rock rip rap installed around eroded point.

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